Focus and Scope

The "Journal of Social Community Services (JSCS)" focuses on a profound understanding and development of practices related to community empowerment, social welfare, and active participation in community development. The journal encourages research and academic contributions that promote social empowerment, justice, and the improvement of the quality of life at various levels of society.


Community Empowerment: Presents research and practices related to community empowerment, both in urban and rural contexts, covering aspects such as community participation, empowerment policies, and capacity building.

Social Welfare: Addresses social welfare issues involving research, policies, and practices related to poverty alleviation, social protection, and efforts to improve the quality of life of communities.

Community Development: Examines sustainable community development strategies, including infrastructure development, community education, public health, and innovations to strengthen social bonds among community members.

Community Education: Explores the role of education in shaping communities, with an emphasis on informal education, adult education, and community education programs that can enhance the capacity and knowledge of the community.

Social Inclusion: Investigates efforts to achieve social inclusion, including addressing issues of marginalization, inequality, and promoting diversity and pluralism within communities.

Social Innovation: Highlights social innovations that have a positive impact on society, including collaborative projects, technology for social good, and new models in the delivery of social services.

Evaluation of Social Programs and Policies: Explores the concept of evaluating social programs and policies to assess the effectiveness of social interventions and formulate recommendations for improvement.

The "Journal of Social Community Services (JSCS)" aims to be a platform for in-depth research and writings that are solution-oriented, contributing significantly to shaping a more inclusive, just, and sustainable society.